Human evolution

Chapter I
Beside us – the great apes
The story of the monkeys suggests the existence of a new term –
“Adam’s number”
Figuratively speaking, I consider that the difference in the structure of thought processes between us and monkeys is like the difference between the first log cabin in the forests of the Rocky Mountains of the 19th century and modern houses made of boards on the beaches of Los Angeles 21st century. There were of course many transitional forms of wooden houses during these two centuries, but they are almost all collapsed. For the first shelters could even be considered piled boulders. A huge number of logs needed to make some kind of shelter. If these boulders become little, in terms of smaller and more practical pieces of wood, and a little better match – it would be possible to do much better shelter. Total weight/volume remains the same or increases slightly in turn. Today, the building houses of wooden boards (which are small and practical) allow making magnificent building with many rooms, terrace and garages. The original logs and modern boards are in the same proportion as the thought processes of the human versus chimpanzee thinking. That is therefore only differently/lower ratio of length and width of the same material.
To make certain house (with let say 5 floors- which makes possible to overlooks the entire environment at the highest point) requires exactly numbers of boards. Similarly, the smallest number of thought processes necessary for the creation of a hominid with “self-awareness” could be called Adam’s number.
Size of thought process/boards is not defined, thus creating the possibility that on some other planets, species that reaches consciousness has a much larger or smaller volume CNS depending on the physical conditions on the planet and the course of evolution.
On our planet evolution has reached that number over a multi self-projection/MSP. Babies are being born very incapable of life and by multiannual watching the mother (or some other guardian) accepts her movements as their movements that are necessary to satisfy their basic instincts. By this way, creates a new way of learning, unique in the evolution of species. This creates larger number of shorter thought processes because the child immediately learns best possible accessible way to reach the goal. The resources/neurons are used efficiently, ie it takes less connectivity of neurons to achieve the goal. Effect, the behavior of the new individual is a product of knowledge of group in which mother and child growing up. That’s why I so produced intelligence called collective intelligence – C IQ.
Alone abbreviation is not grammatically correct, because there is no quotient in primary expression but we need a short, generally accepted, a clear symbol of the essence of the inevitable spread in the whole cosmos. The emergence of speech in the development of “Homo sapiens sapiens” is obtained “catalyst” that determines the winner and the newly appearance I marked with a C + IQ with the desire that it become a regular international mark for our intelligence.
Neanderthals (which are close to us evolutionary and which are winning before us into the race for the place number one on Earth for several hundred thousand years) are also reached Adam’s number. They had slightly larger brains and that suggests either that they a lot exceeded Adam’s number or what is more likely, their thought processes were bigger while total number smaller than ours. Now, it does not matter… because they did not survive. They disappeared because in a photo finish (viewed from the perspective of evolution that takes over years) we beat them. Winner takes all and writing the history of the world.
So, the achievement of Adam’s number in the brain of some species is not the end of evolution in terms of achieving absolute winner. It is required one more mutation that ensure victory. Waiting for that process (in the colder climates of Europe) evolution has created at least another 3 types/variants of the same model. The process was going while philosophically one of these species “closes the circle” – from warm Africa to cold Europe and then again to Africa.
Based on a little imagination and the available scientific data, this is my assumption of what was happening ie what kinds of species reached Adam’s number in the last million years. By Fest theory, all hominids with C-IQ incurred in the cold regions of Europe by stages. All these species were numerically small mainly because of the long growing child which caused great mortality.
The first kind which had a C-IQ is not Homo sapiens but a distant ancestor Homo heidelbergensis about a million years ago. They first had MSP and I think that modern science will accuse the emergence/activation genes SRGAP2 for it. The first individual/baby H. h. had a mutation that slowed the development of CNS (for several years) and the parents had to take of them. Baby was born from a mother who belongs to the species Homo erectus. Location – Middle east. Children that slowly multiplied, is best kept in the colder regions of Eurasia. These are the locations where we discovered the fossil remains of Homo heidelbergensis and where should be found their graves as evidence of MSP. Physical babysitting from many dangers that exist in the wild is better if babies are blocked from staying “on the field” (because it is cold) and if the parents also spend more time “at home” (because they have nowhere to go) in their spare time. Then the care of helpless children is much better and it allows such “incapable offspring” to grow up and experience sexual maturity. The power of the new species occurs in huge productivity of adult individual. Over MSP he receives immediately all the knowledge of the group and manages to feed not only themselves, but also for many years, food their offspring and even to feed weaker members of the community. This is the basis for the story of parents which (buying 3 breads) manage to feed themselves, the children and their parents.
Over time, in the new population with babies that grow slowly, will prosper only individuals who prefer a cold climate. Over time, individuals who had this new emotion – love the coldness, slowly creating new species – Homo neanderthalensis. At the same time favored mutations for a robust body structure that allows for a smaller loss of body heat in the icy vastness of Eurasia.
One new mutation in the brain one baby Neanderthals shall create new synapses between neurons expressing in the form of a new property – love the water. Thus emerge Denisovans. They did not seem very happy with the received “instinct” because it was cold all around them. They quickly vanished from the face of the Earth. The same mutation/emotion is occure in Snow monkey or Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata). type it on youtube in order to see with your own eyes. When among Denisovans appeared new mutation – love a warm climate things moving in our direction. Love for the warm environment will “force” such individuals to Africa and in this long, slow journey will form a new species – Homo sapiens. During first 100,000 years, “it does not mean anything,” ie just another variation on the same theme. But when he is in an environment with plenty of food it gives a lot of offspring. More offspring means more mutations and more chances to reach the mutation that will bring victory.
It is scientifically proven that to us big apes (gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees) are closest living evolutionary relatives. More than 98% of the genetic material was the same. Just physical appearance and behavior indicates that we are connected. They represent the “common pathway” of evolution. Just another species that occupy a specific habitat on which they were first adapted. We are kind where it happened something unique – the divine. To understand what happened we need to see what is the main difference between us. Certainly it is a method of data processing in the central nervous system that originated in phases. The larger the brain is just a consequence of these staged process which, very slow favored individuals with CNS, that has more neurons responsible for each individual “improvement”. Since brought certain advantages to such individuals, they prospered and created a new species. From a weight of about 450 grams in the first hominid (as in chimpanzees) has arrived (in a few million years) up to 1400 grams of modern man.
The common ancestor of humans, gorillas and chimpanzees existed before about 8,000,000 years. From these communities were separate entities that will adapt the conditions of tropical forests by millions of years to the emergence of a gorilla. Other individuals adapt to the conditions of the savanna and slowly formed chimpanzees as the best evolutionary solution for such an environment. Before the about 7,000,000 years separates one group of ape creatures that have a mutation NMK in his CNS. It happened in the area around Mount Kilimanjaro, where were a thousand years emphasizing the lava. These would be the first hominids which will arise to H. sapiens. All human ancestors (about 30 species of hominids) that have emerged in that period lived simultaneously with several other similar species. Only H. sapiens when he strengthened exterminate all the competition – H. erectus, H. neanderthalensis, it is assumed H. florensis and Denisovans. I even think that, for the purpose of abducting women, men with C + IQ exterminate men of their own kind who did not have the power of speech. That would explain the fact that all men are descended from one man, called Scientific Adam.
Thus, the behavior of chimpanzees is the best we have to compare with us. Experiments done in the animal shelters for abandoned animals around the world and long- term monitoring of the great apes in their natural habitat in the forests of Africa show that they know to
– Make the tool. From long solid herbs make sticks that are inserted into anthills. First they licked the stick to adhere ants which are very nutritious to them.
– Cooperate with each other. In many experiments realize that only by cooperation can solve the task. Awards, by the men are always delicacies.
– Express emotions. In experiments are most often exercise their aggression but also compassion.
By Fest theory of experiments are crucial:
Memorization of arrangement first nine one-digit numbers on the screen that lights up for a second or two at a chimpanzee is incredibly good. Neither world champion in visual memory was unable to remember the position of the numbers on the screen in such a short time. Chimpanzees after some time learning to work with ease.
The conclusion is that the animals have longer, maybe wider thought processes in relation to the human and that is sacrifice during 7,000,000 year.
Chimpanzees are taken directly sweets raising the transparent cover of the holes in the vertical side of the box although the “Warden breadwinner” showed that first need to “tapping” on the upper surface of the box and then to lift the lid and take the prize. The same experiment was performed with children. All children are always operation first useless knocking per box as part of a necessary process for obtaining sweets. Just because the teacher to show it.
This is an example of how functions human brain. We acquire knowledge from others like they are our own. The projection is the basis for it. Already as baby, we mother’s movements experience as our movement because these movements satisfy our needs for food, for touch for warmth … We movements from observed people (mother, father, guardian …) perceive as our. It is an illusion that is similar to the experience when you’re sitting in a wagon train and look out the window. If the neighboring train moves we gain the impression that our train is moving. Such learning is better, more emotionally.
Monkey, like all of us, first trying to solve the problem in a way that is close to him in a manner that is filled with positive emotions due successfully solved the task. This system he learned very early in their lives, and it is affirmed countless times. Monkey has a short growing and seen knowledge is not considered as his so he bad memory and transmits it poorly. So there is no constant upgrading of knowledge between generations. Extinguishes the flame.
Theoretically, if you understand fully all stages of formation of the human species could from chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, through many generations, make intelligent beings like us. This is possible because they are species that physically can handle the fire. The environmental impact can be artificially created and remains to wait the appear certain mutations in the genome and than the descendants of these individuals leave and reproduce. By the behavior of individuals, we will know if there’s a mutation that is necessary for a particular phase in developing C IQ. Purposefulness of and ethics of course prevent such experiments but the film industry similar themes used as basis for block-buster.
By Fest theory, there is no new qualitatively different data processing in the brain of monkeys compared to people than just the thought processes become shorter and at the end of evolution, by the Multi Self-Projections, even shorter. This last step exceeded the threshold to create a “self-awareness”. Than has been reached Adams’ number – the minimum number of thought processes necessary to create the most powerful force in the universe.
About us -mutations and the environment (animate and inanimate)

The story of the all evolution (which “works“ only on the basis of only one small mutation from time to time) suggests the existence of clearly defined stages in the creation of anything even C + IQ
Figuratively speaking, the emergence of human intelligence can be compared with the burning of a large forest fire, or to all of us more common example of burning fire for barbecue. To make big fire using a one small match, lit large wood must first be ignited by dry grass on which small twigs. After that, the thicker branches that need to inflammation of small pieces of wood that you need to burn the thick branches and trees. These are the conditions for a large fire. Yet if the wind blows faster will spread the fire. The point is that the fire may cause only if this one match falls on the “prepared” field. You can throw billions of small matches all over the planet but you will only induce a large fire in the forest, and if it falls to the earlier mentioned right background. Throwing in water and sand is an automatic failure. Only somewhere in forest develop small fire living behind them remain charred remains.
The match represents the mutation. Here I mean to exactly one mutation -SRGAP2c that allowed the final stage in the development of human. This is an error in CNS development that slows the development of synapses in the brain and the effect that occurs in such baby’s brain is MSP. It allows us to enjoy in sporting events, to cry with sad movies, to imagine, to have compassion to animals, to know what others see from their perspective, to predict the direction of the balls rejected at spin kicks at billiard.
Wind represent a positive impact on the environment shortening the time required to pass all stages of development. Moon of its gravity stabilizes the earth, and makes smaller temperature fluctuations during the seasons, which favors the flourishing of flora and fauna. The planet is in good position in relation to the sun but also in relation to center our Milky Way galaxy. And even an asteroid impact 65 million years ago (which by changing the climate is disabled evolution of species over 25 kilograms) can be considered as positive because it allowed mammals to develop. Water is essential to the planet in the form of rivers, seas and oceans, but if there is no land (that the entire surface of planet is covered with water) intelligence not reached the stage of C +.
Water and sand represent species that “by default” can not go into the process of creating a C-IQ such as dinosaurs, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles. Charred remains were remains of hominids.
Generally speaking mutations happen all the time in all the cells of all organisms. This is the main/only means which is available to nature in the creation of all life on Earth. It is in fact a mistake in copying DNA due to the formation of different/”false” amino acid which mainly changing the properties of the protein to which it is fitted. Therefore the cells that form can acquire other properties, which affect the functioning of the tissue/organs that comprise. Over organ affects to the whole organism.
Millions of species that exist are divided into categories. Unicellular and multicellular. Plant and animal. Invertebrates and vertebrates. Fish, reptiles (dinosaurs was once) reptiles, mammals. There are about 50,000 species of mammals. All these species are formed very slowly and only means is a mutation from time to time. The human genome has about 3 billion letters. Only four types of letters i.e. there are a couple of C-G, G-C, A-T, T-A. Based on by mutation altered the code, creates a different amino acid. In each of us is constantly occurring mutations which are mainly harmless or immune system destroys the cells because they become strange. Some Effects in humans express from different color eyes, through metabolic disorders to cancer. Millions of mutations are happening every day in our environment. Only those that are useful in primarily emerging environments are important and are the basis for the creation of new species.
By Darwin’s theory of evolution the most important factor for the development of new species is the better characteristics that are result of a mutations. Newer theories of great importance given changes of the conditions in the external environment. New and better features can not be easily spread among individuals of a habitat because these populations themselves fought against all that threatens for them. One example at the highest possible level is the current war electricity at the end of the 19th century between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Then the big industrialist (among other winner of Nobel prizes) is trying to protect its economic interests at the expense of American society but also the interests of all mankind. Despite the convincing advantages of AC power, greatest scientist of all time needed and a little luck. Unfortunately, when it came to direct conflict, the greatest man of all time is immediately lost his job in order to survive and dug a channel through which were placing the DC power cables.
Simpler example would be, when today we sow corn, to arose and later gave crop, must be hoe or sprayed by herbicides to destroy weeds. The point is to destroy the plant species that have faster growth and therefore suffocate and destroy the breeding of maize embryo. When the corn grow, then it suppresses surrounding plants to grow.
Hypothetically, if we have 1 seed oak, which has a mutation C, which slows the growth of the whole plant but when such a tree develops produces leaves are associated with the neighboring oak leaves (which have the same gene). By that become the stronger and more resilient those all related individual. To develop in the the forest, the forest has to burn with competitive trees and if then emerges and begins to spread undisturbed may take habitat. All other oaks are with genes that enable the rapid growth and the creation of small independent of leaves. If the situation is normal C mutation oak tree in the forest will not help absolutely nothing. Will appear from time to time in nature and will have no effect. But if there is a cataclysm that destroyed the lush vegetation (other fraternal oak and all trees) for a long time it will prosper only oak with a mutation C. Under normal conditions, this mutation is a mistake but then is an advantage.
Something like this, but complicated, happened before about 1,000,000 years. It was born one girl Homo erectus, whose descendants will be different – incapable during the longest ever growing. Over time, will form a new species of Homo heidelbergensis. From them will eventually arise H, neanderthalensis who like coldness, Denisovans who love water and coldness and later Homo sapiens who love water and hot regions.
The environmental pressure in the case of the creation of Homo sapiens was small. The asteroid impact in the Earth 65 million years ago destroyed not only the dinosaurs but also all kinds heavier than 25 pounds because there has been a drastic worsening the climate and the reduction of plant and animal life. All mammals have then started to develop intensively since they first undisturbed occupied habitats, ie they are the first larger being adapted to new environmental conditions.
The diamond is formed from carbon only at a particular temperature and precisely defined pressure. Knowing this, we now produce artificial diamond for industrial purposes. Gold (and other heavier elements) occurs only by connecting the nucleus during decomposition star. Considering that these are huge temperature and pressures, we have not yet managed to produce artificial gold although alchemists for hundreds of years to try a different way to achieve this.
So what are the key elements to be present when the occurred conscious being?
Nonliving environment with starting factor – a constant presence of the fire as long as possible. Concretely it would be centuries (and possibly the millennium) display of lava. Since the Kilimanjaro is 3,000,000 years old, I guess that this region was billions of years before that active and constantly creating lava due to tectonic plate shifts.
A living environment with starting species – the species that can physically handle with twigs and branches. It is in principle, a species that lives in the trees.
A starting mutation is a loss of fear of fire. Probably appeared individuals of different species that had that mutation all the time and all over the world. Only an individual who belongs to a species that could physically handle with branches/fire could have some benefit. The advantage is primarily find more food which has been heat treated.
Starting period is the time it takes (if there is still fire in the environment) to individuals who have an advantage (in relation to other individuals of the same species and competing species) to get physical changes in the structure and for many generations to create a new kind.
Chapter III
beyond us – universe
The story of the Universe…imposes discover the meaning of our existence and the creation of artificial intelligence.
Once upon a time there was a big bang (not a broader view of this), and from it emerged the all known world. Concretely stars, planets around them, satellites, comets… For some of them, if there are little conditions, will be formed the first life forms – unicellular organisms. Concretely from eight planets of the solar system, except on Earth, on Mars we can say that there was some form of unicellular organisms too. On some satellites around the planet Jupiter and Saturn, where is liquid water beneath the large frozen surface we can reasonably expect some simple forms of life. Energy obtained from the chemical compounds from the environment of the volcano and/or thermal springs on the seabed. It was recently discovered on Earth on the ocean floor where there is no sunlight but the entire eco-system to the level of the worm was developed on the heat of geothermal resources from the Earth’s crust and hydrogen sulfide.
This is a relatively high percentage. At the level of the universe (billions of galaxies with billions of star systems) we have to expect that life has flourished all over the galaxies. So, it should be concluded that it is not by chance but things are just so happen. In certain circumstances inanimate matter is transformed into a living. Mainly at the level of single-cell organism. On the Earth which has 4.7 billion years ago, the first nearly 2 billion was only unicellular organism –cyanobacteria/stromatolites.
Every day we find new planets in the universe but at what stage the eventual life and concrete intelligence on it we can figure it out if we can recognize the meaning of the process which led us as a species up to the level that rule the entire planet … and beyond. C + IQ is almost like a new force in physics that must have a a new sense in relation to all existing organic or inorganic.
If we ever be were able to directly observe evolution on some planet, we must look for intelligent species on land and not in water. This immediately excludes planets and satellites that are completely covered with water (with or without ice mantle). It is necessary to find the species that has lost its fear of fire, because it is the first step/feature that is necessary to make some kind to began to evolve and eventually reached the level of collective intelligence C-IQ. In particular, this is a feature of the first hominids before about 7.000.000 years ago began to separate in a new direction and over the next few species to Homo sapiens. Blocking fear of fire (which is now present in all species and is very good for all of these species) has eventually helped to make the first hominids the go to walk on two feet because the two front limbs getting an increasing role in controlling the fire and bring benefit. It is important to mention on millions of species of insects, amphibians, reptiles (dinosaurs once) that are all around us. If some their individuals lose fear of fire, it can not handle with fire, so that there is no begin the process, especially as there is no presence of fire through the many centuries. I guess that at this time on the Earth there are on million such individuals. On another planet will generally be the same.
If we are looking for intelligent beings on the planet who has covered the whole jungle we will not use microphones to capture sound waves tam-tam drums but radars for electro magnetic waves… If we are indirectly looking for intelligence in a galaxy must seek highly specific type of signal from places that represent a geometric value that galaxy/universe. What signal would be more encrypted it would indicate a greater degree of IQ. Theoretically, this would mean that intelligent entities seeking for his equals and thus would signal could be in the form of gamma radiation, short and coded. So who survives and interpret the meaning it has reached the required level of technology. As far as I know, to look for extraterrestrial life, we catch electromagnetic waves from space but from the spectra of radio waves and there is no results. X-ray and gamma rays are the strongest and therefore longest reaches and most inaccessible for species with low technological knowledge but also for the ‘species’ with bio structures that was sensitive to cosmic radiation. If there are other types of waves (currently, there is proving the existence of gravitational waves) that are faster and stronger than gamma radiation, of course we should then look for messages in them.
Most likely, the species which can be found in the cosmos will not belong to organic beings but mechanical entities with artificial intelligence. Only they can travel at high speeds and in the infinite cold universe feel like at home.




A presentation on how we evolved from ape-like                                               creatures to who we are today.


Introduction to the book


A book about our evolution during 7 million years: ‘On the origin of human intelligence’




The purpose of this book is to complement Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in the part related to the development of the hominid brain, namely evolution of human intelligence, which hasn’t been explained to this day even by using the latest scientific knowledge. At today’s technological level, solving this puzzle is only possible with a different approach, i.e. if one understands the intelligence and the sense of a million-year long process which has been slowly setting “the stage” on which something Divine has passively appeared. That’s why the working title of the book was “ON THE ORIGIN OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (C+IQ) by Creating Conditions for Multiple Self-projection (MSP) or Favoring the Order of Appearance of New Emotions in Hominids in Their Struggle for Survival and Ultimately the Global Position No. 1”. At the same time, this title stands for a desire to honor Charles Darwin and his “revolutionary” book “ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for life”. The attempt in titling the book with one long sentence that explains the essence of the whole book does not fit the modern publishing industry so the beginning of the working title “ON THE ORIGIN OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE” has been taken as the final version.

This book widens the present understanding of human origins which is primarily based on appearance of walking on two legs in early hominids. A picture showing evolution of walking upright, from ape to modern man, is generally accepted. Although this process is extremely striking, it cannot be given a crucial role because many species, from hamster to present apes, can walk upright, but none of them is “progressing“. The use of fire for roasting meats and the ability to speak are the characteristics that emerged millions of years after bipedalism and are considered very important “improvements” necessary for the emergence of self-conscious beings.

The intelligence we possess is the characteristic that enabled us to prevail. Everything in the nature occurs in stages so the achieved level of intelligence had to go through several stages and is correlated with the appearance of new species of hominids. Until now there has not existed a theory that explains what the above mentioned processes (bipedalism, use of fire and speech) have in common and their importance on thought processes, i.e. evolution of intelligence.

It is time to improve the image of ”a few pixels” by inserting new key elements – markers which will, along with other existing scientific facts, explain what process actually took place during the evolution of hominids. This period lasted 7,000,000 years and ended with the appearance of Homo sapiens. Based on years of observation of that huge puzzle from various angles and distant perspectives FEST theory developed. It is based on the assumption that each new emotion created a new species of hominids and at the same time increased the number of thought processes directly or at the expense of quality (length and width) of thought processes. New species of hominids resulted with an increasing number of thought processes until brain reached a minimum number of thought processes necessary to achieve self-awareness.

FEST theory aims among other things to explain the following:   Why in the age of dinosaurs, for about 160 million years, wasn’t there at least the beginning of advanced intelligence?   Why doesn’t an ape transform into a man today?   Why are human babies the most incompetent young for an independent life compared to the young of all species that have ever existed?   What process takes place during the growing up of every person making us the “ultimate species“?

Why have Scientific Adam and Mitochondrial Eve never met?

How did we tens of thousands of years ago easily win the fight for Europe’s expanses of ice against the big Neanderthals on their own ground without outnumbering them nor having any advanced weapons?

FEST theory starts from the end by establishing the working theory of functioning of the human brain and assuming that the transfer of collective knowledge – from mother to incapable baby – is what created us, i.e. our (collective C+IQ) intelligence. This constant upgrading of knowledge was achieved through multiple self-projection – MSP. MSP may be the most easily understood as a feeling similar to that of the apparent movement which we have when we are in a train that stands while we are looking through the window at another train that is moving. The essence of this process is that a baby meets his or her needs through his or her custodian’s movements. When a baby wants to bring food to his or her mouth, mother’s hands move so the child experiences them as his or her own. On the basis of this passive process, a baby eventually experiences his or her mother’s body as his or her own, i.e. a baby has a sense of projection into mother’s body. Thus a child learns immediately the most appropriate movements using neurons in the most rational way.

The purpose of MSP is to produce a sufficient number of short thought processes that should be taken into consideration when creating “self-awareness”. The smallest number of thought processes could be called Adam’s number. We achieved it through MSP whereas dinosaurs or biological species on some other planets could theoretically achieve it through gigantism.

The whole evolution, including genesis of a child who cannot consciously control his body for years, is caused by mutation. The mutation that creates incapable offspring in the first few years of life and slows down the brain development appears constantly among many species. However, such cubs die very quickly because there is no one to watch, carry, feed, bring water or wash them. Only Homo erectus was able to take care of his baby for years and enable formation of a species with constantly increasing amount of individual knowledge on the basis of collective knowledge possessed by the environment in which an individual grows up. Therefore it is said that civilization was built on the shoulders of our ancestors.

About 1,000,000 years ago Homo erectus specimens which had incapable babies began slowly to reproduce. In the beginning their number was small, but it increased eventually because cooperation among such individuals within a family leads to more successful survival. After hundreds of generations, physical changes in constitution leading to a new species – Homo heidelbergensis – were inevitable. We can say that this is the end of evolution in terms of creation of conscious being. However, it requires an additional mutation that will ensure victory. This is a mutation which enabled emergence of the ability to speak.

The evolution of all species goes through stages – by means of mutation from time to time. In order to be able to take care of his child for several years, Homo erectus had to possess several abilities and to pass around a dozen evolutionary improvements. Emotions that we feel today form the basis of emergence of new species. These are the following emotions:

Overcoming the fear of fire – the first and basic emotion. It creates a standard for all other emotions. The neurons that make up the whole through which other emotions go is called neural master code – NMK or simply “The Human Spark”.

Satisfaction during contraction of the back of neck muscles. Try yourself to make this movement in the neck. The first who enjoyed it more than the other hominids is Ardipithecus.

Satisfaction during the lumbar muscle contraction. Morning stretching gives an indescribable feeling of pleasure. The first who got this mutation is Australopithecus anamensis.

Satisfaction during contraction of the muscles of the hand. The first Australopithecus anamensis who enjoyed it eventually formed a new species – Australopithecus afarensis. This pleasure is very strong in tailors and sculptors. Those who have bad handwriting, like me, do not have this emotion manifested at high level. Fortunately, the “failure to manifest” the first emotion has no impact on achieving Adam’s number because it is achieved through MSP. But if MSP fails, a big problem occurs – autism. Such children have no “teacher” and the entire mass of neurons is left to get connected into ensembles which reward the emotions that I describe. It gives them fascinating properties.

Satisfaction during shoulder muscle contraction. When this mutation “struck” one individual belonging to Australopithecus afarensis, it quickly proved to be a winning combination because throwing away sharp objects brings better catch. That is how Australopithecus africanus emerged. This feeling is highly manifested in boxers.

Love for indoors. All children enjoy making shelters and dwelling there, though nobody forces them to do that. Individuals who preferred staying at the shelters were able to prosper at the expense of others, only if they were able to make new shelters or adapt existing ones. They could do so only if they were capable of using the whole arm. That’s how Homo habilis emerged.

Love for fire. When in the population that make shelters and live in them, an individual who loves the fire appears and brings it into the shelter, a winning combination occurs – Homo ergaster. Arsonists have extremely expressed this emotion.

Curiosity. The first manifestation of curiosity is already visible in babies – they laugh at the sudden appearance of the head in the Peekaboo game. It took about 5,000,000 years in the process of perfecting the human race to raise the head, straight up body, skilfully use the hands, throw the spear, enjoy indoors and bring fire into the shelter. Only then, after going through all these stages of evolution, a curious creature can go in whatever direction he wants in order to settle there and take advantage of the wealth of a new environment in terms of greater reproduction. Namely, only then the better-half wants to accompany him on his adventures and journeys because she knows that her chosen man can make a solid shelter, warm it up and thus create a favorable microclimate for their joint offspring. Does this sound familiar or is it just me? Finally, a species that could enjoy traveling in all available habitats from Africa to China appeared.

A new species of Homo heidelbergensis developed from Homo erectus in cold regions around the Mediterranean Sea, due to MSP. This means that 1,000,000 years ago evolution of intelligence ended having reached the level of collective intelligence (C+IQ). During this process a sufficient number of connected thought processes necessary for self-awareness developed. Each emotion created a new species and by means of shortening “length” and “width” of thought process it caused increase in number of thought processes. Only three emotions directly awarded individuals who were born with an increased number of thought processes, which eventually manifested itself in larger brain sizes that enabled a much better adaptation of an individual to the environment and therefore greater reproduction.

Waiting for the final mutation – ability to speak – three emotions, one after another, accidentally occurred and thus three new species that suppressed ancestors and entered the final round of the competition. The last three emotions in the evolution of human race are:    Love for cold environment which created the species of Neandertahls.

Among them an individual with new mutation appears and that is love for water. This new kind of emotion, combined with the previous evolutionary stage, love for cold environment, led to appearance of a new species – Denisovans. This same mutation appeared and survived in macaque monkeys (macaca fuscata) that live in cold and snowy mountain regions of Japan and like to bathe in hot springs.

The emergence of love for warm environment (which excludes love for cold, but retains love for water) in a Denisova baby eventually created a new species of Homo sapiens, but in glacial Europe. When Homo sapiens crossed the Strait of Gibraltar coming to Central Africa and later to China, he occupied a much larger territory on the planet than Neandertahls. Then Homo sapiens became the most numerous group of hominids and had the highest probability of appearance of mutation which provides the ability to speak. And so it was. The winner takes it all and writes the history of the world




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